Devendra Raj Panday

देवेन्द्रराज पाण्डे

Devendra Raj Panday, Ph.D. in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, has had a long career in development as a practitioner, scholar, and activist. In his civil society engagements, he developed a special interest in issues of democracy and human rights, social justice, equality, community building for development, and corruption control. A leader of the Citizens' Movement for Democracy and Peace, which spearheaded the Janaandolan II during 2005-06, Panday is best known for his civic and scholarly work in support of people-centered development, inclusive governance, and accountable government. He has also been associated with Transparency International, has been President of its Nepal Chapter and Member (elected twice) of the International Board of Directors in Berlin. In government, he has been his country's finance secretary and finance minister. Panday has authored several articles, book chapters, and books, including popular Nepal's Failed Development: Reflections on the Mission and the Maladies (2009[1999]) and Looking at Development and Donors: Essays from Nepal (2011).


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