Sensational Book 'Durbarko Dukhanta'

May 17, 2019

Sensational Book 'Durbarko Dukhanta'

The royal massacre was the most sensational incident that took place during the starting of the 21st century. What were the reason and the background? Exactly what happened inside Tribhuvan Sadan in Jestha 19, 2058?

Sundarpratap Rana ADC of the late King Birendra was the first person to enter while the gun was firing. In this book, he has illustrated the scene that happened in front of his eyes. He spent 17 years as an ADC and is a witness of the disclosed incidents. The nature and style of the royal family members and many private contexts can be read in this book. We can also know about the nation's politics, ups and downs with the neighboring nation through this book.

'Durbarko Dukhanta'- is the chronicle about the life and end of the royal family, which helps to understand Nepal's history.

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