The Road to Prosperity

The Road to Prosperity

by Rabindra Adhikari
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Publisher: FinePrint
Genre: Development Studies
Published: 2018-05-26


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937665438
ISBN10: 9937665434
Pages: 295

About the Book

The original Nepali version of the book was published in September 2016 and had gained quite some appreciation. Writer of this book, the former Chairman of the Development Committee of Legislature-Parliament and youth leader Rabindra Adhikari talks about the current situation of Nepali citizens. Through this book, he tries to teach us that every Nepali citizen wants to fulfill their basic needs. To fulfill this wish, there has to multifaceted prosperity in the country and it has to be distributed equitably among the citizens of every class and region. But this is not applied and has been considerable debate on this topic from multiple perspectives. By his writing, the writer wants to encourage every youth who dream of a prosperous Nepal. This book will make its presence felt in Nepal's development thinking.