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The Equations World

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Published: August 14, 2019

About the Book

Equations are the lifeblood of mathematics, science, and technology, and this book examines equations of all kinds.  With his masterful ability to convey the excitement and elegance of mathematics, author Boris Pritsker explores equations from the simplest to the most complex—their history, their charm, and their usefulness in solving problems. 
The Equations World bridges the fields of algebra, geometry, number theory, and trigonometry, solving more than 280 problems by employing a wide spectrum of techniques. The author demystifies the subject with efficient hints, tricks, and methods that reveal the fun and satisfaction of problem solving. He also demonstrates how equations can serve as important tools for expressing a problem's data, showing the ways in which they assist in fitting parts together to solve the whole puzzle. In addition, brief historical tours reveal the foundations of mathematical thought by tracing the ideas and approaches developed by mathematicians over the centuries. Both recreational mathematicians and ambitious students will find this book an ample source of enlightenment and enjoyment.