Saya Din (१०० दिन: माओवादी कब्जामा)

by Narayan Subedi

Format: Paperback
Genre: Insurgency
Language: Nepali
Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937829090
ISBN10: 9937829097
Pages: 310
Published: 2012

The book is a diary of Narayan Subedi, a teacher based in Rolpa which he maintained during the 100 days he was held hostage by the insurgents. His psychological fight for survival was the motivation behind this book. Subedi was taken by the Maoists from his home in Gajul village of Rolpa. He was assured to be returned in a few hours. It was only after a long time did Subedi realize he was taken hostage. During the 100 days in Maoist captivity, he was transferred to many detention sites. Every time he was relocated to a new place, he would be weary of his survival until he reached the next detention house. He felt death was roving around him all the time. Living through this uncertainty, he decided to write his story.