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The Night Circus

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Genre:Fiction, Adult & Contemporary Romance, Fantasy
Language : English
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About the Book

In the author’s debut novel,, Le Cirque des Rêves or The Circus of Dreams arrives in the dark of the night with no prior announcement whatsoever. The circus opens only at night and winds up at dawn. Inside the confines of the striped black and white tents, mesmerizing experiences await the spectators such as a maze of clouds, a crystallized ice garden, the antics of a tattooed contortionist who can fold herself into a small glass box and an illusionist who performs wondrous magic tricks. However, behind these enchanted scenes, a fierce rivalry is at play. This rivalry is between Celia and Marco, two young magicians who have been trained since they were children for this very purpose by their volatile trainers who themselves were bitter rivals in the past.

Unknown to them are the rules of the game or the fact that this deadly duel would lead to only one person standing. This sets the stage for a breathtaking drama filled with imagination and will. Fate has something else in store for them though, when they fall in love. Whether their love is true or just a passing fancy, the game must go on, the battle must be fought and the fates of each person right from the crew of the circus to its patrons hang dangerously just like the performing acrobats overhead.

Published in September 2011,sold around 175,000 copies in its very first print. The rights of the book have been sold in over 30 countries. It has also been adapted into an interactive online puzzle game and is soon going to be made into a feature film. The novel won the American Library Association’s Alex Award in 2012. In 2011, it was also nominated for the Guardian First Book Award and was listed as one among the bestsellers for seven weeks onBestseller list.