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How to Win at Life The Expert Guide to Excelling at Everything You Do

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Published: September 14, 2018

About the Book

Essential skills from the best-selling men's magazine on looking sharp and living smart.

Based on personal expertise, interviews with foremost authorities and wisdom from GQ's editors, Charlie Burton shows men how to win at fashion, sport, food and drink, work, romance, travel -- well, everything.

Eight chapters comprising 75 entries cover life's must-have skills. Bold illustrations highlight the succinct step-by-step instructions that will guarantee success. The essentials include:

Food and Drink

  • How to barbecue perfectly using science
  • How to make the definitive Dirty Martini

Friends and Lovers

  • How to dance without looking like a dad
  • How to buy a diamond like a dealer

Showing Off

  • How to sing like a professional musician
  • How to saber champagne the Laurent Perrier way

Sports and Fitness

  • How to free dive like a merman
  • How to hit an unreturnable squash serve

On the Move

  • How to sleep on a night flight
  • How to pack a suit

The Unexpected

  • How to escape a sinking car
  • How to survive a dog attack

Style Secrets

  • How to spot a fake Rolex
  • How to tie a foolproof bow tie

Work and Career

  • How to pull an all-nighter
  • How to nail office politics.

For 30 years, GQ has been the premier magazine for millions of men around the world. GQ How To Win At Life brings the best in one handsome package.