बिजुवा: दि लस्ट टेल्स फ्रम दि हिमालयज

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Genre: Fiction, Travelogue
Language: Nepali
Published: May 02, 2021
Edition: 1st

About the Book

This is a novel containing travelogue of a teen age boy from London who travelled to his parental village in Nepal for the first time. The story contains some myths and folklores, description of natural beauty, cultural and festive descriptions along with some historical contexts from Nepal and some contexts from London to share with the village people.

पछिल्लो बाहिरी पृष्ठबाट

...... हामी चारै जनाको दिमागमा एउटै धुन थियो, एउटै चित्र थियो - धर्तीमा झरेको त्यो स्वर्गको टुक्राको, धर्तीकी अप्सराको, अर्थात् साङ्ग्रि-लाको ............