Bhishan Dinharu
Bhishan DinharuBhishan Dinharu

Bhishan Dinharu

भीषण दिनहरू

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Genre:Maoist Insurgency in Nepal
Language: Nepali

पुस्तकको बारेमा

१३ वर्षको अल्लारे उमेरमै क्रान्तिमा होमिएका किशोरको कथा हो ‘भीषण दिनहरु । किशोर उमेरमै मावोवादी छापामार बनेका लेखक जिरेलको प्रत्यक्ष लडाइँमा होमिएदेखी लडाकु शिविरबाट बिदा हुंदासम्मका घटनाको वर्णन पाउन सकिन्छ ।यो जिरेलको आत्मकथाका साथै शसस्त्र द्धन्द्धका क्रममा नेपालले व्यहोरोको सामाजिक अवस्थाको दस्तावेज पनि हो । 

About the Book

This book is a story of a committed Maoist child soldier who spent his entire teenage years during the conflict killing and nearly being killed. The author recounts the memories of his childhood, the battles he fought, and his years languishing in a cantonment after the conflict in this gripping book.

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