Vijaya Chalise

विजय चालिसे

विजय चालिसे उपन्यास, कथासङ्ग्रह, बालसाहित्य, यात्रा निबन्ध सहित आमसञ्चार तथा पत्रकारिताका कृतिकार र गोरखापत्र संस्थानका पूर्व कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष तथा दुई कार्यकाल गोरखापत्र दैनिकका प्रधानसम्पादक समेत रहिसकेका छन् । हाल अवकाशको जीवनमा भने उनी विशुद्ध रुपमा साहित्य र समाजसेवामा आबद्ध छन् ।

Vijaya Chalise was born in 2008 BS (1951 AD) in Kathmandu. For last many years, he has been continuously involved in literary activities encompassing many genres like stories, novels, and plays for children. He is the son of senior litterateur Ramesh Vikal.

Haraeko Murti (2056 BS/2000 AD), Kisan Bata Sikshya (2058 BS/2001 AD), and Chatakiko Bandar (2059 BS/2001 AD) are collections of short stories through which he has tried to introduce many facets of life and the world to the children. He weaves his plots in a simple language and presents in a lucid, natural and pleasant way, employing short sentences and dialogues. His stories carry no advices, but they convey important messages in indirect ways.

Mangal Grahaka Bigyan (2060 BS/ 2003 AD) and Mustangko Gupha (2061 BS/2004 AD) are novels, both of which are important from scientific point of view. The first novel presents different factual discoveries concerning the planets of the solar system and the space, made by different scientists. His second novel is bent towards informing our children about our natural wealth with a suggestion that wit and wisdom could help them beat even the adults, who are involved in bad activities. Badalka Buttaharu (2052 BS/1995 AD) is collection of four dramas. The first two plays suggest that if the latent talents of children are identified in time and allowed to flourish, they can develop into stalwart human beings in future. The latter two plays carry the message that greed is evil. He has a single biography to his credit: Sevaka Pratimurti: Dayabir Singh Kansakar (2045 BS/1988 AD).

Books by Vijaya Chalise