Support: Reading E-books

How do I read an e-book that I purchased?

Purchased e-books can be read using our mobile apps. The app can be download from:
Google Play:
Apple App Store:

To view the books you have purchased, navigate to your Library from the mobile app by tapping on the Library icon on the bottom toolbar.

Thuprai App Library from Home

From the library, you can download and read the books you have purchased.

How do I update/re-download an e-book?

To download an updated version of an e-book on the Thuprai mobile app,

  • Tap on Library from the bottom toolbar to view your e-books.
  • On the Library view, tap More action icon (the icon with three vertical dots) for the book you want to re-download.
  • From the menu, tap on Download Again. Wait for the download to complete.
  • Tap the book title to open and read the updated book.

Can I read read e-books in Windows computer?

No. This feature is not available now. To read or listen to the e-books or audioboks you have purchased, yo have to download our app.

Can I copy or print e-books from my e-book library?

No, printing and copying e-books is not allowed. But if you have Thuprai App in other devices and you have logged in using same user account , you will have access to e-book your library from all those devices.

Can I read e-books purchased from Thuprai in other e-book readers, such as Amazon Kindle?

Except free books in PDF format, which you can read using any e-book readers, all of our e-books can only be read from the Thuprai App.

Thuprai's agreement with publishers doesn't allow us to send publication files through other medium. Therefore, commercial e-books can only be read from the Thuprai app.

The app can be download from:
Google Play:
Apple App Store:  

Does thuprai mobile application allow rooted Android or jailbroken iOS devices to read ebooks?

No, thuprai mobile app doesn’t allow users to read purchased ebooks on rooted Android devices or jailbroken iOS devices.

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