Support: Purchasing E-books

Purchasing on iOS with credits

To make purchases on iOS devices, you will have to buy Credits first. You can then use these Credits to buy e-books.

Purchase of USD 3.99 (plus any sales taxes) will give you a credit of 2.34. More credit purchase options will be enabled in the next update of the app.

The amount spent on the purchase (exclusive of sales taxes) is converted to credits by accounting for App Store charges and withholding tax, such that the amount received after these deductions is equivalent to purchases made through a local gateway in Nepal. This enables publishers and authors to receive the base selling price set by them for their items.

1 credit enables you to purchase an e-book worth NRs. 100.

Purchase Amount Credit Added
$3.99 2.34

All purchase amounts are in USD, exclusive of any sales taxes.

You can view your credit history from or from the iOS app:
More (the rightmost button on the bottom toolbar) => Credit Records.

I can't find an e-book for the book I want.

Thuprai tries to make e-books available for as many books as possible. If you can't find an e-book for the book you want, it may be because Thuprai couldn't reach an agreement with the publisher or the author. You can contact and ask the authors and publishers to make the book available in digital form through Thuprai.

How can I purchase the e-book if I don't have any mode of payment available mentioned in the website?

You can send us the email mentioning the email address you used to sign up in Thuprai's app and the book will be added to your library after figuring out the suitable payment method.

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