Nepathya presents a spectrum of joy, sentiment and national awakening in Dubai

After performing in Dubai on 15th March Friday, Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung posted a video on his social media with a note, which said – “ Sabai bhanda pahila hami……. Dhanyabaad Dubai, Maya ra sathko laagi” – We are first………?  Thank you Dubai, for your love and support.

 The video showed the incomplete line being completed by the Dubai audience. Amrit is heard reciting ‘Timi pani Nepali… Ma Pani Nepali… Hami Nepali with the crowd following him line by line obediently. Then when he screams and asks-  Sabai bhanda pahile hami ……..? The crowd screams back …. Nepali. He repeats the question few times and each time the crowd screamed louder saying ……….. Nepali.

 The 40 second video was just a glimpse of the 2-hour long show, but enough to showcase the ambience of the event.  The moment was lived and cherished by more than 2500 audience in attendance at the Al Nasr Leisure Land in Dubai. However, the reach went beyond and all over the world, as the video went viral with more than 10 thousand views and hundreds of shares within an hour of posting.

 Along with such moment of national sentiment, Nepathya shared joys from Nepal with their folk tunes and pumped the audience through the 2 hours show with their rocking performance.

 “The joy I could see in the faces spread over the hall was the most satisfying scene for me while performing. We are so lucky and thankful to have such loving listeners.” Said Amrit. 

 Among the audience was Ayush Man Dongol. Dongol is a Pilot with Sharjah based Air Arabia. He was accompanied by his colleague, flight attendant Sushmita Tamrakar. Both were among the flight crew which flew Nepathya into The UAE last Wednesday.

 “It was a moment of great pride to see a show of such quality production and performance here in Dubai, where otherwise Nepalese are considered as substandard class.” Said Ayush. “There are very few opportunities here when you feel proud to be a Nepali. Last night was one such rare opportunity.” He added.

 Ayush has been flying with Air Arabia for the last 3 years and Sushmita has been affiliated with the airline since 11 years. Both among others were seen dancing and enjoying throughout the show.

 “The moment I walked into the hall, I felt I was in Nepal. It was a great reunion opportunity for Nepali professionals like us who are busy with their work and do not have time to mix around.” Said Ayush. “It was overwhelming to see such support for the band I grew up listening to, here in Dubai. I was surprised to see so many people come with family for a rock show. This shows how the band has touched the hearts of all Nepalese regardless of their age, gender and generation.” He added.

 The parking area at the Al Nasr was over packed with cars. This was a sign of Nepalese Diaspora entering a phase of prosperity in a land, where majority come in as migrant labor.      

 ‘We are glad and thankful to see such support from Nepalese living all over The UAE. People came in big groups in reserved buses from all other states mainly from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah’ said Sujan Raja of the organizing team.

 This was Nepathya’s second show in Dubai. Their debut show in 2015 was affected by the earthquake aftershocks. “In 2015, we had performed in Dubai amidst aftershocks, where we shared grief and raised funds for relief works.  We are glad to come back to Dubai and share joy with the people here” said Amrit.

 The 2-hour show was a combination of national sentiment and folk fusion. A spectrum of joy with Resham to Taalko Pani, the crowd got emotional with Yo Zindagani to Mai mari jaunla and Koshiko Paani. Then finally a moment of national awakening and pride with Hami Nepal, Gaun Gaun bata Utha and Rato ra Chandra.

 Amrit was accompanied on stage by Dhruba Lama on drums, Suraj Thapa on Keyboard, Subin Shakya on bass, Niraj Gurung on guitars and Shanti Rayamajhi on madal.