Tranzit - Drama

Organized by शिल्पी थिएटर

Monday, August 21, 2023 - Monday, August 21, 2023
हरेक साँझ ५:३० बाट, अतिरिक्त सो शनिबार १ बजे (मंगलबार बिदा)
गोठाले नाटकघर, बत्तीसपुतली

नाटककार कुमार नगरकोटीद्वारा लिखित प्रयोगात्मक नाटक "ट्रान्जिट"
परिकल्पना / निर्देशन: घिमिरे युवराज

•आकांक्षा कार्की
•शिल्पा मास्के
•बासना तिमल्सिना
•मिल्सन राई
•घिमिरे युवराज

मिति: २०८०-०४-०५ देखि २०८०-०५-०२
समय: हरेक साँझ ५:३० बाट
स्थान: शिल्पी थिएटर, बत्तीसपुतली
नोट: अतिरिक्त सो शनिबार १ बजे (मंगलबार बिदा)

A time traveller Mayavi visits Manav, a legendary theatre director from history, at his studio in mysterious circumstances. Her visit opens up many questions from Manav’s past. Will Mayavi find the answers she is looking for? How long will she stay in this time transit? Will she indulge in the past? Who will free her from this transit between the past and the future?
The play ‘TRANZIT’ will transport you into a world of imaginations and break the limits of our perceptions. So, fasten your seat belt and get ready for an exciting journey through time.

Warning: Travel at your own risk – there is chance you may get stuck in the Tranzit !!

On Stage:
Manav: Divya Dev
Mayavi: Shilpa Maskey, Akanchha Karki, Basana Timilsina
Jailor: Milson Rai

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj
Playwright: Kumar Nagarkoti
Production: Shilpee Theatre Group

Location Map

गोठाले नाटकघर, बत्तीसपुतली
Location map for Tranzit - Drama

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