Table of Contents


Preface vii


The ‘People’s War’ and the Armed Conflict in Nepal  1

1 Living on a Tightrope: Adaptive Strategies of Grassroots Development Workers in a Maoist-Conflict Area 15

2 Radio Janaganatantra Nepal: Listening to Maoist Radio and Reflecting upon Nepal’s Culture of Loyalty 31

3 Calm before a Storm: Traveling to Work on a Road in Bhojpur just before the Attack  37

4 Conflict, Development, and Alcohol Abuse: Revisiting Bhojpur after the Attack, 2004 77

5 Rara Lake – ‘A Poor Man’s Beautiful Wife’: Conflict and Livelihood in the Lesser District of Mugu 95

6 Five Days in a Maoist Area of Upper Dolakha: Studying Hydropower Development in Upper Tamakoshi 129

7 Hydropower Development – Conflict, Politics  and Corruption: A Visit to Lamjung 151

8 ‘Tamakoshi River is Full of Widow’s Tears’: Uncertainty and People’s Plight in Ramechhap 157

9 East Nepal: Overlooked Impacts of the Armed Conflict171

10 Revolt against the Maoists: A Trip to Dailekh and Dullu 181

11 Ceasefire and Tension Relief: Traveling through Dhankuta and Bhojpur 205

Epilogue 215

References 223


Annex I: Districts visited in west and central Nepal 225
Annex II: Districts visited in east Nepal 226
Annex III: Time-line of the conflict and peace process in Nepal (1990–2014) 227
Annex IV: Major incidents during the  Maoist insurgency (1996-2006) 229

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