Table of Contents

  • Nepal’s Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and National Security
  • The External Dimensions of Nepal’s National Security
  • Foreign Policy and National Security in the Federal System
  • A National Interest-Based Narrative for Nepal’s Foreign Policy
  • A Soul-Searching in Nepal-India Relations
  • The Citizens’ Welfare Perspectives in Nepal-India Relations
  • A Case for Nepal’s Regional Policy in South Asia
  • The Political Imperatives and Way Forward For SAARC
  • The Benefits of Sub-Regional Cooperation in SAARC
  • BIMSTEC Beyond the Two Decades
  • Nepal’s Connectivity with the Neighbouring Countries
  • The Geopolitical Dimensions of the BRI
  • The Belt Road Initiative and The Future of Globalization
  • The Perspectives on Nationalism and Globalization
  • The Changing Contours of Global Governance
  • Nepal’s External Commitments, Expectations and Obligations
  • Making the Best Out the UN System
  • Implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption in Nepal
  • Nepal in the Politics and Diplomacy of Climate Negotiation
  • The Salient Features of Nepal’s Peace Process
  • Lessons on Rebuilding from the Nepal Earthquake
  • The Development Agenda of the LDCs and Nepal’s Graduation
  • Rights and Development Agenda of the Landlocked Developing Countries
  • A Regional Discourse on Migration in South Asia

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