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The Modern Soccer Coach: Position-Specific Training

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Published: February 04, 2015

About the Book

In recent years, player development has been a hot topic in the soccer world. With more pressure on coaches to win than ever before, the modern game seems to be less about actual players and more about tactical systems. In many places, the majority of training sessions are structured so that each player receives the same training as his or her teammates, even though they are asked to perform different functions. As a result, players do not receive specific feedback and lack the ability to produce functional skills in the heat of a game.

Aimed at football coaches of all levels, and players of all ages and abilities, The Modern Soccer Coach: Position-Specific Training seeks to identify, develop, and enhance the skills and functions of the modern soccer player whatever their position and role on the pitch.

This book offers unique insight into how to develop an elite program that can both improve players and win games. Filled with practical no-nonsense explanations, focused player drills, and more than 40 illustrated soccer templates, this book will help you - the modern coach - to create a coaching environment that will take your players to the next level.

Understand how the concept of player development needs to change as players progress in the game.

Examine how learning styles have changed and how coaches must adapt accordingly.

Enhance your players' performance levels with innovative exercises and ways to share feedback and critical information.

Includes chapters and exercises for developing Center Backs, Full Backs, Holding Midfielders, Attacking Midfielders, Wide Attackers, and Center Forwards.

Learn how certain coaches can move their players from 'interested' to 'committed'.

Develop ways to maximize the talent levels of your players.