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Genre: Fiction
Language: Nepali
Published: 2006
Edition: 1st


Pages: 142
Weight: 155 g

About the Book

Rakta Kunda meaning ‘pool of blood’ is a Nepali novel by journalist Krishna Abiral. Based on the accounts of real event that took place in the year 2001, precisely the Royal Massacre, the novel tries to describe and explain the context and the background as well as the activity that took place before, during and after the monstrous act.
The story is based on the conversation with a mother and daughter duo, who served as the maids to Queen Mother Ratna Rajya Laxmi and former queen Komal, respectively. To be on the safe side, the writer labeled the book as a novel, although everything written in it is true. He interviewed the ladies and cross examined their answers and descriptions with other palace and security officials.