Nepali Raithane Jadibuti

नेपाली रैथाने जडिबुटी

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Genre: Therapy & Healing, Ayurvedic Therapies
Language: Nepali
Published: April 27, 2022


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937751926
ISBN10: 9937751926

पछिल्लो बाहिरी पृष्ठबाट

Author Narayan Ghimire is a senior member of the American Society of Quality (ASO), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and British Society of Flavourists (BSF). He holds many professional certifications like lean six sigma master black belt, ASO Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, ASO Certified Quality Engineer, IFT Certified Food Scientist, pharmaceutical analyst, and etc. Food and pharmaceutical scientist Ghimire has over 22 years of working experience with healing foods and herbal medicine. He has published over five hundred articles about healing foods, cannabis, Vedic and scientific relations, technology transfer and disruptive innovations.