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Firearms: An Illustrated History

by DK
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Genre:Military History
Language: Engilsh


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Published: March 17, 2014

About the Book

The definitive guide to the history of firearms.

The beautifully photographed catalog tells the story of gun development in striking detail and features stunning close-ups of key weapons, from muskets, pistols, revolvers and rifles to shotguns, machine guns and modern machinery.

Gun, weapon, and military enthusiasts will love the detail in this illustrated guide to guns. Here’s what’s inside:

   • Feature pages capture pivotal moments in gun development that changed the nature of human conflict
   • Double-page-spread articles describe the magic and mystique of the great gunmakers, including Colt, Mauser, Smith, and Wesson
   • Photographic tours showcase the intricate details of key weapons, highlighting ingenious features and intricate craftsmanship

Written by an international team of firearms experts, this fascinating collection features more than 600 weapons and charts the evolution of guns. For over seven centuries, guns have been used for hunting, sport and war. This comprehensive volume gives you access to the world’s greatest collections, gunsmiths, and defining gun and military history moments. 

Firearms: An Illustrated History highlights important moments in gun history from the Chinese discovery of gunpowder to "turning points" like the rifle, with its parallel spiral grooves that make bullets spin and fly straighter. It also showcases iconic firearms such as the Walther PPK self-loading pistol popularised in James Bond films.

This fascinating visual account of firearms is an essential purchase for everyone interested in guns and weaponry.