Bouts of Poetry's front cover
Bouts of Poetry's front coverBouts of Poetry's back cover

Bouts of Poetry A Collection of Poems

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Genre:Poetry, Drama & Literature
Language: English

From the backcover

Are you ready to read the most intimate thoughts of a poet? In this collection, the poet romances with his lover in front of the judging eyes of the world, unabashed. But the themes of these poems are not limited to love. It is all over the place; whatever caught his fancy at the moment, ranging from references to the Classics in 'The coward does it with a kiss' and 'Helen Burns' to his own philosophy to life in 'Monkhood. He has explored abstract concepts in "The caged tulip' and 'The metaphor of nothing, and expressed frustration with modern life in 'Running. The end result is an intricate tapestry of emotions and ideas that will move you or stimulate you intellectually.