Prerana Pakhrin Misrahi

प्रेरणा पाख्रिन मिस्राही

Prerana is a Nepali cartoonist and illustrator based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her artwork and style continue to grow as she experiments with different mediums and learns new technical skills. For several years, Prerana organized a collection of political, slice-of-life, social commentary, funny cartoons, and illustrators under the name of Chiya Biskut.

Chiya Biskut translates to ‘Tea and Biscuits’ in Nepali. Prerana started drawing when she was 13 years old. She would always sit down to doodle in the afternoon, during the tea-and-biscuits time, and thus she named her collection after that moment. She started Chiya Biskut, the blog around tea-time in the summer of 2011.

Books by Prerana Pakhrin Misrahi