Lain Singh Bangdel

लैनसिंह बाङ्देल

लैनसिंह बाङ्गदेल (वि.सं. १९८१ - वि.सं. २०५९) नेपाली साहित्यकार तथा चित्रकार हुन्। उनको जन्म दार्जीलिङमा भएको हो। बाङ्गदेल नेपाल प्रज्ञा प्रतिष्ठानको कुलपति समेत बने। उनको वि.सं. २०५९ साल असोज २९ गते निधन भयो ।

Born in Darjeeling, Lain Singh Bangdel, was Nepal's foremost artist, novelist, and art historian. In addition to being a leading authority on Nepalese art, Bangdel is best known as the "father of modern art" and was responsible for introducing the modern trends of Western art into Nepal ("Bangdel era") with his pioneering one-man exhibition in Kathmandu in 1962. He also served as Life-Member, Vice-Chancellor, and finally Chancellor of the Royal Nepal Academy.

Books by Lain Singh Bangdel