Khagendra Lamichhane

खगेन्द्र लामिछाने

खगेन्द्र लामिछाने नेपाली चलचित्र क्षेत्रका प्रसिद्ध कलाकार र लेखक हुन् । उनी द्वारा अभिनीत पहिलो चलचित्र बधशाला निकै लोकप्रिय रहेको थियो ।भने उनकै लेखनमा बनेको चलचित्र टलकजङ भर्सेज टुल्केमा उनी चलचित्रकै मुख्य पात्र टुल्केको रूपमा देखा परेका छन् ।

Khagendra Lamichhane is a Nepalese theater personality, actor, writer and director, best known for his work in movies such as Talakjung vs Tulke and Pashupati Prasad. He has been involved in the acting field since 1999. He acted in three acclaimed movies and one is soon to release. He has directed five plays among which most of them have been staged in different national and international theatre festivals. As a writer, he published three books.[needs update]

He has also worked with BBC Media Action as an actor, writer, producer and editor for an international award-winning drama 'Katha Mitho Sarangiko', and as an editor for its reconstruction radio drama 'Kathamaala'. He also worked with British Council as Drama Production Consultant.

Books by Khagendra Lamichhane