Dr. Gyanendra Prasad Paudel

 Dr. Gyanendra Prasad Paudel is a well-trained researcher in the field of economics and cooperatives. He has been teaching Economics for more than two decades at Tribhuvan University Nepal. Similarly, he has been working in the field of cooperatives for two decades. Currently, he is a policy consultant, trainer, and freelancer in different academia, firm, and federation levels of cooperative sectors of Nepal. He is also an Advisor of the National Cooperative Development Board (NCDB) Nepal, Chairman of Cooperative Research and Study Center (CORES) Nepal, Managing Director of Nepal Merchant Cooperative Limited, and Sr Faculty Member of Economics and Chairman of Research Committee at National College, Tribhuvan University. He is also a member of the World Economics Association (WEA), International Institute of Economics and Social Sciences (IISES), and other National and International Organizations.

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