Alfa M. Shakya

अल्फा म. शाक्य

Alfa is a writer, trainer, and digital artist. She is a business graduate with a passion for literature and storytelling. Since her early days, her love for words and stories generated a strong desire to write and explore the world of imagination. In later years, this exploration has translated into an interest in content creation, curation, blogging, editing, and illustration. She runs thewordcastle. com, a blog about reading, writing, and arts. She is a two-time District Contest Champion of District 41, Toastmasters International covering Nepal, North and East India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

While words and storytelling help Alfa understand the world, illustrations help her visualize concepts. As a writer, illustrator, and artist, her goal is to simplify and find an interesting angle. She enjoys drawing nature and animals with bright colors and contrasts. She is fascinated by how simple shapes overlap to create beautiful designs.

Books by Alfa M. Shakya