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Ajit Baral

अजित बराल

An Alumnus of the International Writing Program-2001, Iowa University, Ajit Baral is the author of the Lazy Conman and Other Stories (Penguin, India), Interviews Across Time and Space (FinePrint, Nepal), and co-author of By the Way: Travels through Nepal's conflict (Martin Chautari) and Shaili Pustak (Sunlight Publication, Nepal), a Nepali style guide. He is the co-editor of an anthology of Nepali short stories in English, New Nepal, New Voices (Rupa, India). He is the editor of First Love, an anthology of memoirs on first love, which is coming out shortly. His first novel, How Not to Fall in Love, which is a meditation on love, is coming out in 2012. He has contributed articles, book reviews and short pieces to the national and international magazines and his writings have appeared in journals and book forms. He used to coordinate the literary supplement of Nagarik, Akshyar, the first stand-alone literary supplement in Nepal. He runs an independent bookstore, Bookworm and is the founder and managing editor of a Kathmandu-based publishing house, FinePrint and the festival director of Nepal's first-ever international literature festival, Nepal Literature Festival. Fiction: The Lazy Conman and Other Stories (Penguin, India) Non-Fiction: Interviews across Time and Space (FinePrint, Kathmandu) Co-authored: Saili Pustak (Sunlight, Publications), By the Way: Travel's Through Nepal's Conflict Edited Books: New Nepal, New Voices (Rupa India), an anthology of short stories in English