I received an electronic invoice from Thuprai. Can I get a handwritten invoice?

We often get asked if we can provide an 'original invoice'.

Thuprai uses Awecountant, a billing and accounting software developed by Awecode, for generating invoices. The software is audited for compliance with Electronic Billing Procedures Directive 2074 (विद्युतीय बीजक सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, २०७४) and approved by IRD (Inland Revenue Department) for generating invoices and is enlisted as one of the certified applications.

Thuprai has been authorized to use this software to produce sales invoices. Thuprai doesn't require issuing a hand-written or a traditional physical invoice to its customers. The computer-generated invoice is the original and authentic invoice, and is valid for all book-keeping purposes.

The letter certifying Thuprai to use the invoicing application is attached below.

Link to the accounting software Awecountant: https://awecountant.com
IRD Approval No.: 7600405

List of software approved by IRD for electronic invoicing: https://ird.gov.np/notice/softwareenlistedasperelectronicbillingprocedure2074

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