Binda Pandey's "Women in Nepali Politics" Releasing Soon

Binda Pandey a Nepalese politician who was a member of the 1st Nepalese Constituent Assembly representing the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist). "Women in Nepali Politics" the book written by her is soon to enter the market. 

On author's word, this book is a blend of activism and academic rigor in writing. It gives feminist and gender look over the communist politicis. It also shows the envolvement of communist ideology for transforming the society. At the same time it provides terrain of thoughts to shape and reshape the same ideology. The author has reflected her understanding theoretically and brought women leaders' understanding to see its connection with the UML policies, strategies, and implementation status. In doing so, the author has challenged the mindset of the male leaders of the same politiccal party. Finally she has come up with different ways to transform the devoted cadres of her politicial parties into critical mass.

Dr. Bidya Nath Koirala, Professor of Tribhuvan University said "Going through this book, I found the author very bold to review her political party critically, to show the amalgamation of democratic ideals in the authoritative orientation of the communist party under PMPD. Everywhere she is searching for women's position as a leader, as a cadre, and as user of the communist ideology for social transformation, In this sense this book is worth reading for the students, politicians, academia, and change agents, and people of different mindsets."

Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe, Professor, Department Head, Department of Development and Sustainability, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand said "This book is very unique. It is a kind of work that can be written only be a person who has gone throigh the political struggle herself. The rich observation and insights invite the readers to a whole new understanding of the history of women's political participation in Nepal."

Dr. Meena Acharya, Profound Economist and well-known Feminist said "this book, based on her PH.D thesis, Dr. Binda Pandey makes an important contribution to analysis and recording of women's contribution to the left movement generally and the struggle of the women within that movement to institutionalize feminist concerns. I hope this will encourage similar studies within other parties and generate some knowledge on the subject, about whicch little is know."

Kamla Bhasin, A renowned Socialist Feminist from the South Asia said "Here is brilliant and much needed socialist feminist analysis of a leading left political party. What makes this book authentic and useful, is the fact that the author has been politically active for almost 40 years at local, national and global levels and is an insider. She has provided a roadmap for all political parties for removing patriarchal cultures and mindsets and creating gender, caste, class equal, democratic and secular country."