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Up is the Curve A Geneology of Healthcare in the Developing World

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About the Book

How did developing world healthcare get here? How did modern health services and systems evolve over the last century? What were the forces and ideas driving this evolution? Up Is The Curve is an attempt to answer these questions. Tracing modern healthcare's key milestones and failures, Kiran Raj Pandey creates a pacy narrative out of the evolution of health services and systems across the developing world. From the early 1800s up to the present day, the book recounts this compelling tale of the gradual takeover of Western medicine across the rest of the world, the development of modern public health, transnational health governance structures and architecture, and the origins and spread of ideas that have seeded this evolution. A meticulously pieced together narrative of global events and personal narratives, medical histories and politico-economic imperatives from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, this is a definitive genealogy of healthcare in the developing world.

From the backcover

Developing world healthcare has witnessed unprecedented changes in the last century
diseases have been vanquished average life spans have more than doubled
modern health services have proliferated health systems have been put in place
this is the story of that change