The Zen Trader: How ancient wisdom can help you master your mind… AND THE MARKETS's front cover

The Zen Trader: How ancient wisdom can help you master your mind… AND THE MARKETS

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Release: April 25, 2023
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About the Book

Trading is a stressful occupation, with mental and emotional traps on every side. Our instincts drive us to self-destruction: holding plummeting stocks in the hope of a sudden recovery, or obsessing over the minute-to-minute movements of our holdings.

What if there were a trader who knew how to avoid these traps and could teach us to trade from a place of inner calm and peace of mind?

Peter Castle has been a successful trader in financial markets for almost 30 years. He also happens to be a Zen monk. Peter’s unique perspective gives him unrivalled insight into how the wisdom of Zen can empower us to master our minds and achieve success in the markets.

Many guides to using Zen avoid clear prescriptions and rely instead on cryptic quotes. In THE ZEN TRADER, Peter demystifies both trading and Zen, using decades of experience, sharing dozens of real-life examples, and explaining clearly the systems that enable mastery of both disciplines.

He teaches us how to limit distraction, focus attention, detach from problematic emotions, be true to ourselves, and embrace the unlimited opportunities that exist in our professional and personal lives.

Following Peter’s wisdom, you too can become a ZEN TRADER.