The World of the Tamil Merchant

Pioneers Of International Trade

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Published: January 01, 2012


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Pages: 224
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About the Book

Merchants of Tamilakam: Pioneers of International Trade by Kanakalatha Mukund and Gurcharan Das is a book that deals with the subject of trade during the 18th Century in the Tamil provinces in India. This book analyses the relationship between the state, the temple, and society in the region of Tamilakam, and traces the distribution of power among these entities. The book provides an account of the different ports and dominions that existed during that period. It highlights the role played by the different dynasties such as the Cholas and Pallavas in the overall development of international trade. The book paints a picture of the business connections that the Tamil provinces shared with different parts of the world, from Rome to the South East. It further divulges the factors that led to the administrative developments during this period and the pivotal role played by the traders in bolstering the economy in Southern India.