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The Salted Caramel Cookbook

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Published: April 18, 2023

About the Book

Over 60 delicious recipes inspired by salted caramel.

Everyone’s favourite sweet and salty treat! Salted caramel is the perfect addition to almost any recipe – versatile, easy to make and use, and a fail-safe crowd pleaser. These tasty recipes, including old favourites, comforting classics, and a few surprising twists, will have you reaching for the jar of salted caramel time and time again!

Whether you’re pouring it over your favourite dessert, or incorporating it into decadent breakfasts, drinks, or snacks, salted caramel truly steals the show. This book will provide plenty of sweet inspiration and endless excuses to add this golden sauce to all your favourite treats.

Recipes include:
- Dulce de leche
- Salted caramel brownies
- Affogatto
- Salted caramel iced coffee