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The Practice of Groundedness A Transformative Path to Success That Feeds--Not Crushes--Your Soul

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Genre:Advice On Careers & Achieving Success
Language : English
Published: September 07, 2021


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About the Book

Join readers from all over the world and learn about a powerful antidote to today's epidemic of burnoutand a path to achieving success with deeper satisfactionfrom the bestselling author of Peak Performance.

"A thoughtful, actionable book for pursuing more excellence with less angst." --Adam Grant, author of Think Again
"Ambitious, far-reaching, and impactful" -- David Epstein, author of Range
Playing into the always-on, never enough hustle culture ultimately takes a serious toll. While the high of occasional wins can keep you going for a while, angst, restlessness, frayed relationships, exhaustion, and even substance abuse can be the unwanted side effects of an obsession with outward performance. 
In The Practice of Groundedness, bestselling author Brad Stulberg offers a path from which peak performance 
and well-being and fulfillment can emerge and prevail for a lifetime. At the heart of this model is groundedness—a practice that values presence over rote productivity, accepts that progress is nonlinear, and prioritizes long-term values and fulfillment over short-term gain. To be grounded is to possess a firm and unwavering foundation, an internal strength and self-confidence that sustains you through ups and downs  and from which deep and enduring success can be found. Groundedness does not eliminate ambition and striving; rather, it situates these qualities and channels them in more meaningful ways.
Interweaving case studies, modern science, and time-honored lessons from ancient wisdom traditions such as Buddhism, Stoicism, and Taoism, Stulberg teaches readers how to cultivate the habits and practices of a more grounded life. Readers will learn:
*  Why patience is the key to getting where you want to go faster--in work and life--and how to develop it, pushing back against the culture's misguided obsession with speed and "hacks."
*  How to utilize the lens of the wise observer in order to overcome delusion and resistance to clearly see and accept where you are—which is the key to more effectively getting where you want to go
*  Why embracing vulnerability is the key to genuine strength and confidence
*  The critical importance of "deep community," or cultivating a sense of belonging and connection to people, places, and causes.

Provocative and practical,
The Practice of Groundedness is the necessary corrective to the frenetic pace and endemic burnout resulting from contemporary definitions of success. It offers a new—and better—way.