The New Leaders's front cover

The New Leaders Transforming the Art of Leadership Into the Science of Results

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Genre:Business & Management, Business Strategy
Language: English
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Published: January 01, 2002

About the Book

As business reinvents itself at broadband speed, what makes leaders effective has inevitably been transformed. Old assumptions and old modes no longer hold; a new style of leadership that works has emerged amidst the chaos of change. This new leader excels in the art of relationship, the singular expertise which the changing business climate renders indispensable. Excellence is being defined in interpersonal terms as companies have stripped out layers of managers, as corporations merge across national boundaries, and as customers and suppliers redefine the web of connection. Bestselling author Daniel Goleman argues that emotionally intelligent leaders are now 'must-haves' for business today. But many readers have been left with, So now what do I do? The New Leaders answers that question by laying out the map for transforming leadership in individuals, in teams and organisations.