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The Eye of the Beholder

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Language: English
Release: October 03, 2023
Dimensions:5.08 x 7.8 x 0.75 inches
Weight:223.96 g

About the Book

When an art expert goes missing, three women fighting to regain control of their lives realise their future is about to become as dangerous as their past in this brutally compelling thriller

'Subtle, chilling to the bone and very contemporary' PETER JAMES

When danger lies in the eye of the beholder, what happens when you reject its pull?

Cora carries secrets her daughter can't know.
Freya is frightened by what her mother leaves unsaid.
Angel will only bury the past if it means putting her abusers into the ground.

One act of violence sets the three women on a collision course, each desperate to find the truth. In a nail-biting thriller set between the scorched red soil of South Africa, the pitiless snowfields of Canada and the chilly lochsides of western Scotland, each woman must contend with the spectres of male violence, sexual abuse and the choices we each make to keep our souls.