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The Economist Guide to Financial Markets (6th Ed) Why they exist and how they work

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Genre:Investment & Securities
Language: English
Release: January 28, 2014
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About the Book

Extensively revised and updated following the fallout from the global financial crisis, the 6th edition of this highly regarded book brings the reader right up to speed with the latest financial market developments, and provides a clear and incisive guide to a complex world that even those who work in it often find hard to understand.

In chapters on the markets that deal with money, foreign exchange, equities, bonds, commodities, financial futures, options and other derivatives, the book examines why these markets exist, how they work, and who trades in them, and gives a run-down of the factors that affect prices and rates.

Business history is littered with disasters that occurred because people involved their firms with financial instruments they didn't properly understand. If they had had this book they might have avoided their mistakes. For anyone wishing to understand financial markets, there is no better guide.