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The Dark Mermaid

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Language: English

From the backcover

Kali is a 12 year old girl, born Kalawati, living in Birganj, a sub metropolis of Nepal. She is a local swimming champion, bright in studies and popular with others. Unfortunately she is afflicted with asthma and her parents decide to send her to Darjeeling for her studies, as the weather there is more compatible for her health. She joins Mount Hermon School. Here she befriends Shikha. Kali is dark complexioned but has never been self conscious about it. However in her new school she notices that almost everyone is fair skinned. She feels looked down upon due to her new found consciousness of her color. She joins school i.n March and in May she participates in the school swimming competition. With encouragement from Shikha and a boy, Sammy, who seems to like her, she keeps on practicing hard. She specially works on her stamina and does a lot of breathing exercises. She requests the school coach to give her a chance but is denied the opportunity since she has not qualified in the school championships. One day during routine practice the coach times her speed, without Kali being aware of it. He is astounded at the timing and goes to the Principal to ask him to allow Kali to participate. But the Principal says he cannot do so as it would be against school rules.