The Barefoot Surgeon's front cover

The Barefoot Surgeon The inspirational story of Dr Sanduk Ruit, the eye surgeon giving sight and hope to the world's poor

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Genre:Biography & Memoirs
Language: English
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Published: June 27, 2018

About the Book

Sanduk Ruit was born into the lowest rungs of society in a tiny, remote Himalayan village in Nepal. After long and difficult treks to attend boarding school in Darjeeling and, later, the best of Indian medical colleges, he met the remarkable visionary and Australian ophthalmologist, Fred Hollows, whose invaluable mentorship would enable him to take on his lifelong mission to restore vision to the poorest of blind people across Nepal and the rest of Asia.
Despite relentless backlash from his shaken contemporaries in the global medical industry, Dr Ruit took his unmatched prowess in stitch-free cataract surgery, along with world-class medical care and equipment, to those whose lives were plunged into darkness; who were ostracized and abandoned for being blind with no access to proper treatment.
Dr Ruit is known as the 'God of Sight' for restoring the light to millions of people who have been prey to curable blindness and vicious poverty; this is his extraordinary story.