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Science Essentials: Science Made Easy

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Genre:Learning & Reference, Teens
Language: English


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Published: November 30, 2023

About the Book

Acquaint your young ones with the mysteries of science with our gorgeously illustrated Science Essentials Boxed Set. This set of six books is written in simple language and is filled with fascinating images that are sure to attract the attention of young learners. These books are filled with captivating facts about light, energy, weather, force and motion, earth and atmosphere, and the wonders of space. These books are sure to serve as a building block: to enhance children’ s understanding of basic phenomena of science and nature, while encouraging them to read and give wings to their curiosity and imagination. Building Blocks for the Young Scientists!

Filled with simplified fascinating facts
Enhance easy understanding
Interactive images and illustrations
Encourage young readers towards science
Perfect to stimulate young inquisitive minds