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Power of Love Unforgettable Stories that Enrich and Inspire

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Genre:Fiction, Short Stories
Language: English
Published: January 20, 2021

From the backcover

His Holiness The Dalai Lama said, ‘My religion is kindness.’ Sounds so simple, yet so profound. Do we not read in the Bible, ‘God is love’? And all of God’s revelation is summed up in this: ‘Love God and love others.’ Regardless of caste, creed, nationality, color of skin, and religion, we are all created by God, and one of the reflections of that is love and kindness. We are living in the ice age of emotions. Believe it or not, the number one killer in this generation is loneliness. Why do millions die of starvation? In part, because love and kindness have been dying in the human heart, with selfishness and greed taking over. Think about it, the world is full of pain, violence, and devastation, yet we can go on because there are some who are kind and compassionate. This collection of short stories, written by Athanasius Yohan I, tales from his encounters with people where small acts of kindness and goodwill have made changes in people’s lives