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Genre: Fiction
Language: Nepali
Published: 2015


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937665018
ISBN10: 9937665019
Pages: 531

About the Book

One day, Basanta hears that his house in the village is about to be demolished. Overwhelmed with nostalgia, he goes back to his village to see the house one last time after 16 long years. And then begins a journey to his past–a past that he has always wanted to forget. And thus unfolds the story of his friendship with Pawan, who falls prey to village politics and superstitions, losing his memory in the process. This story is multilayered with the stories of the loving Jethiaama, the snake killer Chilgadi, the goon Rocky Dada, the village shaman Kohinoor–all colorful characters who delight and surprise readers in equal measure.Written in a sweet, flowing language, Firfire brings back the kaleidoscopic memories of our individual pasts.

पछिल्लो बाहिरी पृष्ठबाट

त्यो मोजाको फुटबल त्यो हरियो चउर त्यो खोलाको पौडी त्यो बालुवाको घर त्यो असारे झरी त्यो सपनाको लहर सम्झना छ साथी? त्यो न्यु इयरको पोस्टकार्डमाथि रङ्गीन अक्षर |

समयले भयो बाटो अलग-अलग हिंड्यों अलग-अलगै सहर अझै पनि आउँछ आँखा भरिभरि बाल्यकालको लहरै-लहर त्यो चुंडिएको चङ्गा त्यो पातको फिरफिरे 'सर्किंदैन बिर्सन, जत्ति कोसिस गरे ।