The Penguin History of the World

Sixth Edition

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Genre: History, Non-fiction
Language: English
Published: March 2014
Edition: 6th


ISBN13: 9781846144431
ISBN10: 1846144434
Pages: 1280

About the Book

From humanity’s origins on the African Savannah to the state of the world after September 11, 2001, The New Penguin History of the World offers a magisterial sweep through time and history. Completely updated and revised by preeminent historian J. M. Roberts, this volume features ninety up-to-date maps, new sections, and extremely well-written and accessible articles throughout. Truly global and comprehensive, it succeeds in conveying the staggering diversity of the human experience across a vast range of climates and conditions. This is the one book for anyone interested in the variety and grandeur of history’s march.