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Palace of the Peacock (Faber Editions)

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Language: English
Dimensions:5.0 x 8.0 x 0.25 inches
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Published: February 08, 2022

About the Book

A radical landmark in Caribbean literature, reissued with a new foreword by Jamaica Kincaid to mark Wilson Harris' centenary: a visionary masterpiece tracing the dreamlike voyage of a riverboat crew through the jungle.

I dreamt I awoke with one dead seeing eye and one living closed eye ...

A crew of men are embarking on a voyage up a turbulent river through the rainforests of Guyana. Their domineering leader, Donne, is the spirit of a conquistador, obsessed with hunting for a mysterious woman and exploiting indigenous people as plantation labour. But their expedition is plagued by tragedies, haunted by drowned ghosts: spectres of the crew themselves, inhabiting a blurred shadowland between life and death. As their journey into the interior - their own hearts of darkness - deepens, it assumes a spiritual dimension, guiding them towards a new destination: the Palace of the Peacock ...

A modernist fever dream; prose poem; modern myth; elegy to victims of colonial conquest: Wilson Harris' masterpiece has defied definition for over sixty years, and is reissued for a new generation of readers.

"The Guyanese William Blake … [Such] poetic intensity." ― 
Angela Carter