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Idols Unearthing the Power of Murti Puja

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Release: September 03, 2024

About the Book

Why do people worship idols?

Why does idol worship stubbornly persist despite many centuries of prejudice, bigotry and violence against it?

Can such worship help us find our true purpose in life and ultimately attain peace and prosperity?

In Idols, a companion volume to the bestselling Dharma, your favourite fictional characters are back, along with some new ones, to explore the essence and true meaning of idolatry.

In this insightful and thought-provoking book, Amish and Bhavna tackle burning questions about idol worship through simple, varied and astute interpretations of myths and religious texts. They unearth the symbolic essence of Ishta Devata, dive into the benefits of bhakti and tackle the importance of religion for people and society. In the process, they reveal the expansive philosophy behind the practice and how it can lead us to experience-intellectually, ideologically and, most importantly, in our hearts-the Oneness of God, through transformation, acceptance and love.