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How to Raise a Plant Baby A Beginner's Guide to Happy Plants

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Genre:Hobbies & Home
Language: English
Release: February 01, 2023
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About the Book

Urbanization has changed the way we garden and raise plants in our homes. As large spaces have become a luxury, the sprawling lawns in a house are a rare sight. They are replaced now by plants grown in small spaces, often indoors, with limited light, water and nutrition. This calls for relearning the principles of gardening that suit this new paradigm.

Written for all plant parents trying to raise their plant babies in an urban setting, this book is built on basic principles that keep plants healthy and covers all topics that any plant parent need to know-how to prepare their space, how to choose the right plants for their home, how to care for the plants and keep them happy and how to get family and friends started with plants of their own.

With stories from the Lazy Gardener community, supplemented with chapter-end summaries, explanatory illustrations and plant lists, the book will equip the reader to ask the right questions as they continue to garden and cultivate their knowledge of gardening. Useful for both new and experienced plant parents, Vinayak Garg's
How to Raise a Plant Baby guides them and explains everything they need to know.