Grammar Builder, Grade 4's front cover

Grammar Builder, Grade 4

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Genre:Language, Grammar & Vocabulary
Language : English
Published: October 01, 2013
Dimensions:11.0 x 8.5 x 0.25 inches
Weight:300.5 g

About the Book

Grammar Builder is a series of 6 grammar practice books that enables students to review and apply essential grammar. As knowledge of grammar is essential in the acquisition of English, as the student progresses through the worksheets they will strengthen the skills needed to read and write well.

Each grammar item is covered in three pages. The first two pages feature an explanation of the grammar item as well as a range of exercises that target the student’s ability to identify and apply it. The final page provides a quick assessment of the student’s understanding of the use of the grammar item.

Main features:
• Grammar items covered at one level are reinforced at subsequent levels so that students can consolidate their learning and build upon it
• Extensive and structured exercises targeted at improving and evaluating students’ understanding of specific grammar items
• Assessment after each targeted grammar item, and a revision section at the conclusion of the book assess and consolidate learning For use with Grades 4-.