Ek Darzan Ek: Shabdachitrama Rangakarmi's front cover
Ek Darzan Ek: Shabdachitrama Rangakarmi's front coverEk Darzan Ek: Shabdachitrama Rangakarmi's back cover

Ek Darzan Ek: Shabdachitrama Rangakarmi

एक दर्जन एक: शब्दचित्रमा रङ्गकर्मी
Rs 195
Language : Nepali
Published: 2010
Weight:225 g

About the Book

This book is actually a profile of one dozen and one that is thirteen theater artists of Nepali theater world. In this book, the author has described about their life and their contributions in raising the Nepali Theater world in todays condition. The author has mentioned about their struggle and pity condition while they were working to make the theater world developed and advanced. In this book, the author has explained about thirteen such theater artists whose entire lives were spent in the upliftment of Nepali theater. These artists are working for developing theater world for more than seven decades. They did it not for being popular or for money, they did it just to develop and raise the condition of the theater world from such darkness to today's condition. Thus, this book is a tribute to thirteen such their theater artists and their contributions. Anyone who is interested in theater will definitely love reading this book.