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Dinosaur Club

by DK
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Language: English
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Published: May 05, 2022

About the Book

Travel through time to the world of the dinosaurs in this exciting prehistoric fiction series for children aged 5-7 years.

Jamie is a member of The Dinosaur Club
: A network of kids around the world who share dinosaur knowledge! Jamie has just moved to Ammonite Bay, a stretch of coastline famed for its fossils. The Dinosaur Club help each other identify fossils, post new dino discoveries, and chat about all things prehistoric. In this story, Jamie and her friend Tess from the Dinosaur Club are exploring Ammonite Bay and stumble upon a secret cave with fossils all over the walls. But what's that strange tunnel at the back?

Together they go through the tunnel and they discover some dinosaur footprints. Jamie and Tess walk along them...and the two new friends find themselves back in the time of the dinosaurs! It's amazing, but dangerous too - and they'll definitely need help from the Dinosaur Club...

Take a journey into the prehistoric past to discover:

-Beautifully illustrated line art accompanied by expertly written text
-Plenty of humour and packed with facts!
-Reference material contextualises each narrative, including timelines, quizzes, fact files, and glossaries

In this adventure, Jamie and Tess find themselves caught in a terrible storm. During the chaos, a stegosaurus egg is swept away downriver. It's up to Jamie and Tess to recover the egg and return it to its mother before it's too late.

Dinosaur Club is a modern revision of the popular Dinosaur Cove series updated for today's readers with a new premise, new artwork, and the latest dinosaur information. The original Dinosaur Cove series sold more than 1 million copies worldwide!

A must-have volume for kids aged 5-7 who love adventure stories and are endlessly curious about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world, Dinosaur Club: Saving the Stegosaurus is sure to delight!

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery.

So why not complete the Dinosaur Club Collection, including
Dinosaur Club: The T.Rex Attack and Dinosaur Club: A Triceratops Charge, for plenty of dino-loving fun!