Demonic Divine

Himalayan Art and Beyond

Edited by Robert N. Linrothe, Edited by Marylin M. Rhie

Genre: Architecture, Arts
Language: English
Published: May 01, 2004


ISBN13: 9781932476088
ISBN10: 1932476083

About the Book

Demonic Divine: Himalayan Art and Beyond focuses on vengeful and ferocious imagery that were originally classified as "demonic" by Europeans but is now subject to more sympathetic examination. The writers take us behind Western expectations to study how terrifying imagery is used in Himalayan civilizations, including representation of protection and goodness, by attentively examining 66 works of art. In works that blur the lines between terror and beauty, more than 200 color photos demonstrate visual strength and artistic mastery. Essays by Marylin Rhie, professor of Asian art at Smith College, and Rob Linrothe, curator of the RMA and associate professor of art history at Skidmore College, investigate differences within the "demonic" and chart the development of style.